Updated Alberta Average Merit Order

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Alot has changed on the Alberta power market since the addition of a province wide carbon tax. Namely alot of power generation has increased their bids in order to compensate. I re-created an average Alberta Merit Order for the time period between Jan 1, and Mar 1 2017. It looks really accurate. At the time of writing the AIL (Alberta Internal Load) was 8774MW, and the price was $28.11/MWh. The details of how the graph is generated are very long, and I will go into that on another post. As you can see by this, the power price will be spiking up with increased loads unlike that last few years. See below:

As you can see, it is more likely that we will see the price spike up to $1000/MWh in 2017 if the provincial load hits over 11500MW, and/or if there are units offline.



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