Alberta Pipeline/Facility License Lookup

Below are all the facilities and pipelines that are related to license 58838.

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Pipeline Construction

LicenceLicenseeFieldcentreSectTownshipRangeMeridianStart DateLength
58838Gear Energy Ltd.Red Deer2442552018-04-191.19
58838Gear Energy Ltd.Red Deer2442552018-04-190.49

Pipeline Licenses

LicensePermiteeCodeSectTownshipRangeMeridianDiameterApprove DateLength
58838GEAR ENERGY LTD.OE24425588.92017-03-142.21
58838GEAR ENERGY LTD.OE24425588.92017-03-132.21
58838GEAR ENERGY LTD.OE24425588.92017-02-281.68

Nearby Pipeline Licenses

LicensePermiteeCodeSectTownshipRangeMeridianDiameterApprove DateLength
58480GEAR ENERGY LTD.OE24425588.92016-11-291.1
43828OMERS ENERGY INC.NG2442551002017-02-280.2
43828OMERS ENERGY INC.NG2442551002017-03-230.2

Nearby Facilities

LicenseApplication NoPermiteeDescriptionPurposeSectTownshipRangeMeridianApprove Date
461781764126Exoro Energy Inc.Oil battery - multiwell < 0.01 mol/kmol H2S in inlet streamNew Licence2442552013-06-12

Currently, this is just at the proof of concept stage, and could use more developement. However, even in it's current state, it is very useful. Data is from AER ST100 reports.

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